Featured image Blogrolls Idolator - Blogrolls

This blog is devoted to pop music. It provides pop music fans with the best new songs as well as music videos and photos. It also gives pop fans daily pop news.



Featured image Blogrolls Scandipop - Blogrolls

Get all the latest news and reviews from the world of Scandinavian pop music.


Global Media Pop

Featured image Blogrolls Global Media Pop - Blogrolls

This is a major music blog platform for Hip Hop, Rock, EDM, Latin, Pop, and R&B. It covers major and independent artists, news, articles, blog reviews, and interviews.


Classic Pop Magazine

Featured image Blogrolls Classic Pop Magazine - Blogrolls

This is a bi-monthly magazine that focuses on pop music from the 60s to the present.



Featured image Blogrolls Powerpopaholic - Blogrolls

This premier music blog focuses on power pop and melodic rock. It reports on live shows, tour dates, gossip, videos and, many more.


Featured image Blogrolls Billsmusic blog - Blogrolls

Based in Toronto, Canada, this blog charts the online pop world through blog posts.


This Must Be Pop

Featured image Blogrolls This Must Be Pop - Blogrolls

This blog focuses on showcasing the most promising new pop songs and artists. It also holds discussions on the industry in general.



Featured image Blogrolls Popastic - Blogrolls

This blog breaks news on pop music. There is a collection of articles and commentaries on pop music. There is also news about the songs and album releases of your favorite artists.


Muzique Magazine

Featured image Blogrolls Muzique Magazine - Blogrolls

A source for all genres of music and their ever-changing world. It covers the world of music and lifestyles that surround it.



Featured image Blogrolls Pitchfork - Blogrolls

This blog offers daily coverage of indie rock, hip-hop, electronic, pop, metal, and experimental music. It publishes daily reviews, features, and interviews.



Featured image Blogrolls Popjustice - Blogrolls

Based in London, the United Kingdom, this blog sleeps and wakes on everything pop music. It is one of the foremost pop music blogs of the 21st century.



Featured image Blogrolls PopCrush - Blogrolls

This is the digital destination for pop music. It offers celebrity and entertainment news with a fresh and positive perspective.


About Pop Music

Featured image Blogrolls About Pop Music - Blogrolls

This United Kingdom-based blog specializes in playlists of 80s pop music, contemporary music, Eurovision, and cheesy pop.


The Bias List

Featured image Blogrolls The Bias List - Blogrolls

The Bias List does K-Pop reviews and discussions without fair or favor. Each week, the newest K-pop releases are listened to and the reviewer’s thoughts are expressed with bias.


K2N Blog

Featured image Blogrolls K2N Blog - Blogrolls

K2N Blog is another blog for K-pop lovers. It shares anything K-pop. K-pop lovers can download music, listen to K-pop, and more.


A Bit of Pop Music

Featured image Blogrolls A Bit of Pop Music - Blogrolls

This blog provides answers to daily needs in pop music. There are reviews on new singles, albums, and concerts as well as interviews with a broad range of artists in contemporary pop music.